Are you looking for Redbox stocks?

Are you looking to cash in on Redbox stocks?

Redbox is owned by Outerwall, Inc. (NASDAQ: OUTR). Overall, Outerwall, Inc. owns three brands that operate similarly to the Redbox brand. The three brands of Outerwall are Redbox, Coinstar, and ecoATM. The Redbox brand, as you know, operates through kiosks located at local stores where people can come and rent DVDs or video games. Many people see this brand as a Redbox franchise, but the Redbox brand does not actually operate as a franchise. Instead, Outerwall, Inc. seeks out large local franchises such as Kroger, CVS, or Walmart and rents space from these companies to operate their kiosks. (See: How to get a Redbox franchise).

Outerwall’s other brand, Coinstar, works in much the same way. The Coinstar kiosk is one by which people can come exchange their coins for cash at local business usually at the same locations such as Kroger, Walmart, or Walgreens pharmacies. Again, Outerwall rents space from the local businesses in order to operate their Coinstar kiosks there. The third brand of Outerwall, eco ATM, operates as a self-service kiosks that provides cash for old phones.

Additionally, Outerwall, Inc. operates a branch called New Ventures. New Ventures, is a company that builds and develops new and innovative ideas such as Redbox, Coinstar, and ecoATM in order to produce similar self-service companies to operate in similar ways at local retail stores.

Redbox stocks

Outerwall Inc
NASDAQ: OUTR – Jul 24 4:08 PM EDT Source: Google Finance

Outerwall’s ID on NASDAQ is OUTR. You can see the latest numbers indicating current price, change, and volume of OUTR on NASDAQ. Apparently, Outerwall, Inc. is among the most shorted stocks on the market. A shorted stock, or a short sold stock is one where the stocks were borrowed and sold without being owned in the hopes of buying the stock back at a much lower price.

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