Different Ways to Get Redbox Promo Codes

Redbox Promo Codes through Email:

One easy way to get a free movie at any Redbox DVD kiosk is to go to www.redbox.com/email and enter your email address in the space provided. Then click “sign up.” Redbox will then send you a confirmation email. You will get a free 1-day rental promo code when you confirm your email address through this e-mail. In order to get the free Redbox promo code, you will need to enter your credit card information, however. Redbox requires this information to act as a security deposit in case you keep the DVD for longer than the one day that you got for free, so be careful not to delay your return of the DVD.

You can also find working promo codes for Redbox online on websites that offer available coupons. These codes do not always work however, generally using these promo codes will involve some trial and error.

You may not be able to use your Redbox promo code when you reserve a movie online or with the Redbox mobile app. I often have this problem. This is because many codes have limitations. You can check your promo code’s limitations by reading through the email, text message, or web page that you got the promo code. I don’t think it is worth this much trouble because you’re going to find out whether it works or not as soon as you try it online or on your app. Sometimes, promo codes that I get do not work online but they work at the actually kiosk when I check out, so just try it out at both places if it doesn’t work initially.

Didn’t know you could reserve movies through your phone? It’s true, you can. All you have to do is download the app from the Redbox website. If you open the Redbox webpage on your phone, the site will direct you directly to the app download. You can also download the app from your computer from the Redbox site. Just go to the bottom of the webpage and you will see two little black boxes (one for apple and one for android) that will start the download. You cannot use your Redbox promo codes when you reserve movies using your iPhone or Android apps, because Redbox has not made this option available.

Promo Codes through Text-Message:

The easiest way to get promo codes is through text messages! You can get Redbox promo codes through text messages sent directly to your phone by joining the Redbox Text Club. This is my favorite way to get promo codes because it’s as easy as reading a text. I then can go pick up my DVD whenever I want that day. Usually I get a promo code sent in the morning so I have plenty of time to pick up the DVD before the deal expires by the end of the day. That is another catch to the text messaging system, usually the promo codes offered will expire within a day so you have to use them as soon as you get them. I’ve only missed out on a promo code a couple of times due this short expiration period.

Redbox Promo Codes

Source; Redbox.com

So here’s how you join the Redbox Text Club. All you have to do is text SIGNUP to 727272. You can also text PLAY to the same number. Texting PLAY is meant to sign you up for Redbox Pop-A-Deal but this program is virtually the same thing as the Redbox Text Club. Of course, standard message and data rates will apply. This means that Redbox does not charge you for receiving text messages from the Text Club, but you may get charges from your mobile provider in accordance with you normal message and data rates for receiving and sending text messages. Check your phone plan to make sure you are not going over and above your plan with your text messages. Redbox will send up to two messages a week. This does not mean that you will get two promo codes a week. Sometimes I get messages simply containing Redbox news such as what was released this month or something like that. Other times I get Pop-A-Deals. These messages contain a link to follow in order to play a scratch game that you play in order to reveal the deal of the day. I have gotten .50 cent deals as well as full day free rentals. It’s always a surprise.

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