How to Get a Redbox Franchise

First things first, Redbox is not actually a franchise. Redbox® DVD Kiosks are owned by Outerwall, Inc., the same company that provides Coinstar and ecoATM machines.  Outerwall Inc. does not franchise the boxes, instead the company rents space from a store owner to place a Redbox at their location. A store owner will not receive income from Redbox dvd rentals, instead the store owner receives rental income from renting space to Outerwall, Inc. Outerwall Inc. has entered into such rental agreements with many companies such as Kroger, CVS Pharmacy, Walmart, etc., but it is possible to get a Redbox at your location as well by applying online.

The process is as follows:

How to Get a Redbox Franchise

First, you will need to go to and scroll to the bottom of the webpage. There you will find a “contact us” tab located under the “Help” title.  Click on the “contact us” tab. This tab will direct you to the Redbox help center. On this page, you will see several different tabs under the Help Center title such as “Renting and returning,” “Mobile,” “Games,” etc. You will need to click on the “About Redbox” tab on the far right.

After clicking on “About Redbox” you will see more options appear below such as “Request a Box.” Click on “Request a Box” to open the link “I’m a retailer. How can I get a box installed in my store?” This link will appear in blue text. Clicking on this link will open another link which explains that “Before a box is installed, an analysis of a location’s suitability needs to be done,” and after which will provide a link to submit a request. Click the “here” link located within this explanation in order to access the Redbox application. The application is labeled as a Contact Us page on Outerwall Inc. website, but I call it an application because the information you fill out is meant to provide Outerwall Inc. with the information it needs to analyze your location and determine whether the company wants to rent the space for a Redbox at your store.

Outerwall Inc. takes into consideration many factors to determine whether they want to place a Redbox at your store. Generally, it has been assumed that a store location will need at least 15,000 visitors in order for Outwerwall Inc. to express an interest in placing a RedBox at your location. There may not be an exact number such as 15,000, but you can be assured that the number of traffic your store generates will be a consideration of Outerwall Inc.

The application on Outerwall Inc.’s contact us page asks you to provide your name, company, address, city, state, zip, country, contact name, phone, and email.  All of these are required to request a Redbox.  Next, Outerwall Inc. asks whether you are interested in simply a Redbox® DVD Kiosk or other brands such as Coinstar® Coin processing Kiosk or ecoATM® Electronics recycling kiosk. You may check any or all of these options.

Redbox Franchise


Next, the application asks what your primary goal in obtaining a Redbox Kiosk is at your store. You can check one of several options such as to provide a popular service to attract customers, to add a turnkey revenue source at your location, to reduce labor costs, or you check “other” and provide your own answer in the provided space. The application then asks what type of business you own. There are options such as “convenience store,” “supermarket,” “mass merchant,” “shopping mall,” “drug store,” university or college,” office building,” “airport,” “military base.” “casino,” or “other” in which you can specify in the space provided. Business such as supermarkets and drug stores seems to get the most reaction from Outerwall Inc. However, it is not the type of business that is determinative.

The application goes on to ask what the average weekly transaction count is at your store location. Outerwall Inc. is looking for a large enough number to support the success of a Redbox kiosk at your location. The application also asks the number of store locations you own. Redbox is often found at store with many locations such as Kroger, CVS Pharmacy, Publix, etc., but Redboxes can be found at stores without multiples so do not lose hope if you cannot answer this question with more than one. In addition to this question, the application asks the primary operation regions or areas of your business.

Lastly, the application asks a simple multiplication table in order to verify that you are human. Don’t sweat this question. It is usually as simple as 1 +5.

After you have completed answering the questions, you will need to click “submit” at the bottom of the page in order for you request to be sent to Outerwall Inc. It can take several weeks for Outerwall Inc. to get back to you due to the influx of applications. Outerwall Inc. does not provide any information on their website regarding contract terms, the general amount of rental income, etc. These details will need to be worked out individually with Outerwall Inc. once the company gets back to you.

You can also chat directly with Outerwall Inc. representatives if you want more information, but I suggest that you do not waste your time. The representative will merely ask you the same questions as seen on the application page and explain that they can then send the information forward in the same way as pressing submit on the application page. If you attempt to ask additional questions regarding how to get a Redbox franchise, the representative will simply answer that Outerwall Inc. is not interested in expanding their Redbox DVD Kiosk locations at this time. You will have better luck going through the application process on the Contact Us page.

If you do want to attempt to chat directly, you can find the chat by clicking on the same “contact us” tab on the bottom of the webpage. This will direct you to the Help Center page on which you will see several tabs and a list of frequent questions. Scroll down the “Contact Us” link in bold directly below the list of questions. This will open up the chat info box in which there is a link “chat with us.” You can click this link to start chatting. Also, the “Contact Us” link opens up the “Call Us” box. Either method will direct you to a know-nothing representative whose job is to simply forward your information. Your best bet is to fill out the application and provide information that will interest Outerwall Inc. in placing a Redbox at your location such as a large amount of traffic and sales.

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