How to get Free Promo Codes through Redbox Play Pass

Want more free movies? I’m going to tell you the best way to get Redbox Promo Codes to watch those movies from your local kiosk for free! A promo code is generally a five digit code offered by Redbox that you enter at the Redbox kiosk in order to receive a discount off of a one-night rental. Usually the promo codes offer a one-night free rental for either a game or a DVD (value price = $1.50). They generally do not cover the price of a BlueRay Disc, however, so if that’s your preference you’re looking at a mere discount.  There are many ways to obtain Redbox promo codes.

Most recently, Redbox has launched a new program called Redbox Play Pass. This is the best way to get Redbox promo codes and optimize your free movie watching options. There are many perks to the program. The first is that you earn points for the movies that you rent from your local kiosk just for being a loyal customer (and signing up for play pass). For each movie you rent you earn 10 points, and once you have earned 100 points you will receive a free on-night disc rental. This means that for every 10 movies you rent, you will receive one free one-night rental. However, watch out for expiring credits. The credits you earned from those ten movies will expire 60 days after the day the credits are issued. If you are a true movie buff this shouldn’t be a problem for you as you are not going to go two months without getting the latest new release. Just don’t forget that your free one-night movie credit will expire after two months after it is issued to you if you choose not to use during those first two months.

Redbox Play pass

That is not the only perk to this program, however. In addition to the free one-night rentals you earn through points, you will also receive a free one-night rental on your birthday and on your Play Pass anniversary. Of course this means that you have to tell Redbox when your birthday is coming up. You will do this when you sign up for Play Pass in the beginning. Redbox will celebrate your anniversary with the program as well by remembering your sign up date and sending you a promo code for a free one-night rental on that date. This could be an easy way to remember a personal anniversary if you choose to sign up for the program on that special day.

Lastly, the Redbox Play Pass program throws in surprise rewards and exclusives just for signing up. Thus, a free promo code could surprise you on any given day. You can’t go wrong by signing up for Play Pass, and it’s easy. All you need to do is click on Join Redbox Play Pass at the top of the Redbox site, and after that just click on the tab, GET MY PASS. You will need to do some preliminary account setting up, but this is really easy. Remember to put in your birthday information so that you will not miss out on that free promo code when the date arrives. In that way you will be on your way to getting all the free promo codes you could want. Don’t forget about this option when you are giving your friends Redbox gift cards (see how to get Redbox gift cards here). If you give a friend 10 free movies through a gift card, you have already earned them an extra free movie just by telling them about Play Pass and having them sign up for the program as well. Who’s gonna say no to free movies? Not me.

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