How to Redeem Redbox Promo Codes

Redbox makes it easy to redeem a code for a free movie at any of their DVD kiosks. All you have to do is click on the “Add Promo” code on the checkout screen after you have selected a DVD, added it to your cart and proceeded to checkout. A promo code usually will give you a free day rental or will discount your first day rental of a Blue-ray Disc or video game. If your Redbox promo code doesn’t work, there could be a number of problems.

First your Redbox promo code could be expired. Redbox often makes promo codes available only for a limited amount of time. Sometimes it is difficult to know if you code is expired if you got if from a friend or from a random site online. Otherwise, Redbox generally will let you know when the code expires in the same message that sends out the promo code. Check your text message or e-mail in which you received your promo code in order to figure out if your promo code is expired. If you see that your Redbox promo code is not expired but are still having problems, you can contact the Redbox Customer Care team and they will likely issue you a new promo code.

You can contact the Redbox Customer Care team by calling or chatting with them. You can call Redbox by dialing 1.866.733.2693 or you can chat with Redbox.

You can also redeem Redbox promo codes online when you reserve a movie or game. In order to redeem your promo code online, all you need to do is click the “Use Credits or Promo Code” box when you are checking out and then select “Use Online Promo Code” tab found under the “use credits” box. Redbox will also ask for your credit card information in the checkout process, but this is only to ensure that Redbox has a way to bill you if you keep the item for more than the free period allotted by the promo code as explained in Different Ways to Get Redbox Promo Codes.

For example, if you use your Redbox promo code and you keep the movie or game for four days. You will only be charged for three of those four days as promo codes are generally for one free day. If you wanted four free days, you would need to return the item each day and rent it again using a different promo code each day. This is because you cannot use more than one promo code per checkout. This could turn into quite a hassle, but it would save you the cost of four days of movie or game rentals.

Remember you can use your Redbox promo code on all Redbox items such as DVDs, Blue-Ray Discs, and video games so enjoy!

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