Redbox Customer Service

Redbox is a business made up of self-service kiosks so you may think that Redbox customer service does not exist, but that is where you are wrong. It is possible to contact Redbox representatives or find answers to your questions independently. Redbox makes its easy through their website services. You will see on the bottom of the Redbox website a link to a “help center” and a link to “contact us.”

Redbox Customer Service

The help center is most helpful in that the link provides a list of frequent questions with fast answers prepared in advance. The question and answer format covers topics such as what to do when you disk does not play or where you can buy a Redbox gift card. I used this link to find out how to get credit for a non playing blue-ray. It was quick and easy and I did not have to waste my time on hold or anything like that.

If you do not find the answer to your questions through the help center link, it is always possible to contact a Redbox representative. Representatives are there to help you with any questions you have concerning Redbox. They may not be able to give you all the answers you are looking for such as how to get a Redbox franchise but they will be able to help you with many other questions that you were not able to find the answers to online.

For example, I was able to get help from Redbox representatives after I used the website to get credit for my nonplaying blue-ray. I was able to get the credit easily through the help center link online but I was unsure of how to use it so I called a representative and they went through the steps of how to use that credit the next time I was at a Redbox kiosk. I found the number to call the representative through the Redbox “contact us” link at the bottom of the website’s home page.  If you do not want to call there is also an option to chat online or contact representatives through e-mail. Either way, you will be able to contact a Redbox representative who will help you will all of your questions.

Thus, while at first glance it seems that Redbox customer service is non-existent, Redbox has made it easy to find your answers online or through Redbox representatives. You just have to follow their help links and you will soon be on your way to a problem solved.

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