Redbox DVD Kiosk Requirements

You may be wondering, “what must I do or what type of business do I have to have in order to get a redbox?” Questions such as location preferences, foot traffic, type of business preferences may be running through your mind. You look around and only see Redbox machines at a select number of stores such as CVS Pharmacy, Walmart, and Kroger.

Redbox DVD Kiosk Requirements

Your business may not seem to fit the bill if it is not like one of these mega franchises. Well, here’s the deal. Redbox does have an application which you can fill out online (see “how to get a redbox”) to request a Redbox at your location. This fact seems to suggest that stores such as your own can in fact obtain a Redbox at your location.

If you are seriously interested, it’s common sense that you would want some hard fact details before going through the trouble of applying right? Well, that could be a problem, because Outerwall (the company that owns the Redbox DVD kiosks) does not provide any such information prior to applying. You may be wondering how much can I earn? You know from reading other articles here that you will be earning leasing income from having a Redbox at your location, so you will want to know how much you Outerwall will pay to lease your space for example. Here’s the deal though, Outerwall will not tell you upfront. Outerwall prefers you to apply and then work out the terms of the agreement later if they are interested. Outerwall cannot tell you how much it will pay to lease your space upfront because there are several factors that go into the value of lease such as foot traffic, customer recognition (will customers be familiar with your business and know how to easily find it when they want to rent a DVD?), etc. Such factors could affect the amount Outerwall is willing to pay to lease your space. Thus, Outerwall does not give out much information prior to your filling out the application.

But you know there has to be some requirements because you’ve seen that Redbox is only located at a select number of large stores that seem to get a large amount of foot traffic. It makes sense to assume that foot traffic is a requirement or at least something Outerwall looks at before leasing your space.

How much foot traffic do you need to get a Rebox?

You can get some idea about what type of business and foot traffic Outerwall is interest in by looking at the Redbox application. Outerwall lists several different business types on the application for a Redbox. It can be assumed that if your business does not fit into one of these categories, your chances for obtaining a Redbox are much lower. Those categories include: “convenience store,” “supermarket,” “mass merchant,” “shopping mall,” “drug store,” university or college,” office building,” “airport,” “military base,” and “casino.” All of these generally involve a lot of foot traffic. Compare you business to a successful business in any of the categories above to get an idea of how much foot traffic is required to get a Redbox. Don’t lose hope if your business does not fit in to one of these categories because there is still a space for “other.” If you have to check “other” be sure to describe your business in a favorable light. One that sounds usable and attractive to a large amount of people. Let’s face it, if you are trying to get a Redbox DVD kiosk at your apartment complex, it likely is not going to happen. Think about it. You generally only see the kiosks at large, chain supermarkets and pharmacies. Do you really think you have the same amount of foot traffic at your apartment complex as these large businesses? Outerwall likely will not want to pay for a lease a limited location such as this one. Others who do not live at the apartment complex likely will not want to travel to an apartment complex that they do not know to rent a DVD. Sure, it would be convenient for you residents, but not convenient for Outerwall as a company so it is not likely that Outerwall will be interested in leasing space from you.

So you have an idea, but are still not satisfied with what is required in order to get a Redbox. Normally I would say, go to the source and contact Outerwall directly. Outerwall has a contact section on their website where you can either call or chat with someone directly (See “how to get a redbox” for directions to these links. They are somewhat hidden). However, this is another dead end. Outerwall gets many requests for information, and seeks to weed out those business owners with only a minimal interest. I have a real and great interest you might say, but, nonetheless, you will not get far by contacting Outerwall directly. I tried it myself and my experience is in sinc with many others who have tried. Outerwall representatives are trained to deal with any and all persons in the same manner. They will attempt to merely get your information in order to send it on to Outerwall without ever giving you any answers to your questions such as revenue, cost, etc. If you reveal you have a true interest in obtaining a Redbox, the representative will say that the company is not interested in expanding their locations. Instead they are merely interested in working with current locations. If you ask why the company still has an application online to get a Redbox, the representative will act all confused and answer with an assurance that he/she will look into that. Give me a break. Thus, it is evident that representative know nothing about the actual terms of a lease agreement and are simply trained to respond in a simple, restricted manner. Try it! You’ll see what I mean.

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