Redbox Franchise Cost

How much does it cost do get a Redbox DVD kiosk at my business?

Redbox Franchise Cost

Outerwall (the company that owns the Redbox® brand) does not franchise its Redbox DVD kiosks so there are no franchise costs such as leasing or paying to use the brand. Instead, Outerwall leases space from your business to place their boxes there. You will not earn revenue off of the DVDs. Rather, you will make money from the lease payments from Outerwall. Thus, you will not have the upfront cost that usually comes along with leasing a franchise.

It is not unlikely that you will have some upfront costs, however, when obtaining a Redbox at your business as obtaining a Redbox will involve a leasing contract with Outerwall. Presumably, Outerwall will want you to sign a leasing contract with lots of terms you will want to go over with a lawyer. So let’s say you use your go-to-lawyer. You can calculate the cost based on what you generally spend to obtain you lawyer’s services. This will be your basic contract negotiation so you can calculate accordingly.

You may think you can save costs by going over the contract yourself, but as is usually the case, using a lawyer saves cost in the long term so think about the consequences. What are you going to do if someone breaks the Redbox machine on your site by shattering the glass or breaking the screen? Who is going service the machine and how often? These are all questions you need to think about and go over with your lawyer and eventually with Outerwall to ensure you do not expend large costs in the long run. Lawyers fees can be high but most likely it will save costs in the long run so be sure to calculate lawyers fees when you are thinking about applying for a Redbox at your location.

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