Redbox Gift Card

Need a gift idea? Did you know you can get a Redbox gift card for your friends? Movies are most always a good present to get anybody, and Redbox makes its easy. There is only one drawback: the sender cannot print out the card. Only the receiver has that option because gift cards are sent through email only. Redbox does not give the giver the option of printing out the card and then giving a physical Redbox card to someone in a birthday or holiday card. I don’t know why Redbox did not think of that option, but maybe that doesn’t bother you. If you’re in that category then let me tell you more.

Redbox Gift Card

Here are you options; you can either buy a virtual gift card and send it through email or you can simply buy promo codes and give them to all your friends. Additionally, Redbox allows bulk orders of promo codes so next time you have a big party, think about this option. Your friends will love getting Redbox promo codes as party favors and it’s so easy for you! Both methods are valid ways in which to give free movies or games to your friends or family.

Here’s how it all works. First, you can purchase Redbox virtual gift card through Redbox’s website. These Redbox gift cards are sent through email. It’s funny that on the Redbox website there is a numbered step process in which the first step is to choose your delivery method but Redbox only has one option you can choose: e-mail. Not much of a choice if you ask me but that is how it is set up. Nonetheless, you can personalize the message that will be sent as an e-mail to your recipient. There is a 160 word limit to your personalized message so no room for that love letter you were planning. Step two is where you can choose what your virtual gift card will look like in the e-mail. Redbox has about four options. Two cards are targeted for the winter holidays in that they have snow or Christmas trees in the design. One card simply has some confetti on the card and another one has birthday cake candles as part of its decoration, so you do have a small choice to make here unlike step one. The third step is to choose the amount. You have options starting at $10.00 and increasing up to $150.00 in five dollar increments. Lastly, you just put the recipients email information in and click Add to Cart where you will finish up your purchase with your card information. Be aware that you can only use these giftc ards online. This means that you can reserve movies online, but you cannot use the card at a Redbox kiosk because the card does not come in any physical form whatsoever. Don’t worry though, it is easy to reserve movies online, so your friends can simply pick up their movie of choice after first reserving online.

If you would like your recipients to be able to use your gift at a Redbox kiosk, you should consider the Redbox Promo Code option. The setup is similar to that of a gift card in that the Promo Codes are sent through e-mail only, you can type a short personal message to go along with your gift, and you can choose a Redbox gift card image that will be displayed in the e-mail. The difference between the Promo Code option and the Redbox gift card option is that for the Promo Codes you will have to choose what type of item your recipient will receive. For example, you must choose either DVD, Video Game, or Blue Ray. This gives your recipient a little less leeway to choose what they want, but if you have an idea of what they like to get from Redbox this shouldn’t be a problem. Next you will need to choose the quantity of Promo Codes you will be sending in your gift e-mail. Your quantity options are as follows: 5 Promo Codes for $7.50; 10 Promo Codes for $15.00; 20 Promo Codes for $30,00; and lastly, 50 Promo Codes for $75,00.  Not a bad deal. Then you will simply enter your recipient’s email information and click “Add to Cart” where you can finish off your purchase by entering you credit card information.

If you are having a really big party and are looking for a large bundle of Promo Codes, you can buy over $1,500 worth of Promo Codes by calling 877.800.0272. Have fun with that! Thus, Redbox makes it really simple. Just remember that giftcards and promo codes are only sent through e-mail and gift cards can only be used through online reservation whereas promo codes can be used at either the actual kiosk or through reservation online. Hope your friends thank you for your great gift!

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