Redbox Top New Releases February 2017

Redbox Top New Releases February 2017

Redbox really has some movies to get excited about this month. You may want to reserve these early as they were all big hits in the box office and there are many people waiting re-watch their favorites. For starters we’ve got:

The Girl on the Train: a mystery/thriller that will have you at the edge of your seat. A women named Rachel, played by Emily Blunt, gets involved in a mystery after watching events unfold from the window of her train in her daily commute. A woman she often watches disappears and as Rachel tries to solve the mystery, she become a suspect of murder herself. The mystery of the woman becomes even more mysterious when you learn that the woman was the nanny of Rachel’s ex-husband whom she recently divorced. Did Rachel murder unknowingly? There is much to learn as you become entangled yourself in this thrilling movie.

Arrival: Here is another mystery for you if you haven’t had enough already. This mystery is quite different and larger than life itself as it involved extra-terrestrial beings unknown to the human race. In this movie, the world is facing another world war and economic collapse when an unknown spacecraft touches down on earth. What is brings with it will shock those recruited to investigate it and you movie goers as well. This movie runs a bit slower and it is not like war of the worlds, where the aliens start taking life and destroying the earth instantaneously. No, this movie is slower paced and more mysterious. You have to wait to find out what consequences these new creatures will have on the world that was already close to ending itself. This movie stars Amy Adams whose performance is spectacular in this unworldly film.

Before we get started with the action packed movies, we need to take a break and talk about one of my favorite Redbox top new releases of this month:

Keeping up with the Joneses: If Zach Galifianakis does not say it all, then let me tell you more. A couple is faced with their first summer alone in 11 years on account of their kids’ enrollment in summer camp. With a summer left all to themselves, the biggest thing on their minds is what to do with themselves after all this time. Their answer comes a little abruptly when new neighbors move who are meant to impress – the Joneses. While they seem too perfect to be true, the bored couple can’t help themselves and are quickly swept up by their spectacular neighbors and begin enjoying themselves as their friends. What they don’t know is that they will soon be wrapped up in an adventure of espionage that they never saw coming. This ordinary couple is taken for a spin as they become a part of the crazy adventure in which their ordinary lives are challenged by the secret lives of the Joneses next door. You will be rolling out of your seat as Zach Galifianakis’ character in the movie confronts crime with a water hose and comedic timing.

The Accountant: Ok, back to mystery and thrills. The mystery in this movie has to do with what an accountant is doing with an automatic rifle and a look that kills. You will see as the movie unfolds that there is much more behind this accountant than you first though possible. The accountant, played by Ben Affleck, is no ordinary accountant to start with, but rather, he is an accountant for multiple large scale criminal organizations. Not a great job to have when the numbers don’t match up. How ironic that the accountant does not face any real danger until he takes on a legitimate gig and people start dying all around him. Not what anyone was expecting, this movie is great find for anyone seeking something unique and suspenseful.

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back. Well, if you like Tom Cruise thrillers, there’s not much more I can say on this topic than that as well. It’s going to be pretty much what you expected, Tom Cruise kicking ass as he partners with his female co-star to put an end to the evil plan of others. As with most of his movies, there is an element of mystery and espionage as he and his co-star must try to figure out who is framing them for their own wrongful acts. This movie is based on a novel and is worth watching if you are new to Tom Cruise or are one of his movies’ biggest fans. He still has it in him to make great movies no matter their similarities. That’s why this one makes the list this month as well, as one of Redbox’s top new releases.

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